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Only when the whole person is taken into account, not just the symptoms, can healing truly occur.  It is my goal to provide such integrative healing with compassion, reassurance, and understanding.  As a Christian, I strive to incorporate spirituality into patients’ treatment while respecting the individual’s personal beliefs and value systems.  I seek not only to relieve my patients’ symptoms, but to genuinely improve the quality of their life in mind, body, and spirit through the use of integrated psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and other modalities as indicated.

By considering all factors that influence a patient’s health, wellness, and disease-state; a more holistic and  health-based approach is taken that can lead to a more satisfying mental health experience.  As a physician, my role is to act as a consultant throughout the therapeutic partnership--- guiding and facilitating a return to health.  Medications are important tools when judiciously applied;  they can be better utilized when combined with stress reduction techniques, appropriate diet and exercise, as well as sleep hygiene programs.  Most mental health conditions tend to be chronic in nature; for this reason, it is important to emphasize prevention as well as treatment for optimum health.



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